About me? I’m married to the most amazing woman I’ve ever met – Tori. We have six great kids – 5 boys, one girl. I pastor the most awesome church I’ve ever known – Calvary Baptist Church of Duncan, Oklahoma. (http://www.calvaryduncan.com/)

I am picking up this blog adventure to re-engage something I have done for years. Though I have let it fall off the last couple of years, I wrote a daily devotional that I sent out via email. I’m not sure how the rhythm of this blog will fall together, but I feel like it’s a therapeutic process that God seems to use to encourage others.

I guess that brings me to the name – “Confessions of a Broken Tool.” When I came to Calvary, I told them very plainly that I was damaged goods. I have issues – particularly a struggle with depression. And while that is under control (for the most part), it would be less than honest to say that it has been eradicated. I’ve had other issues that I won’t go into here, but trust me – I’m a broken tool.

The amazing thing is that, if you browse the pages of the Bible, you will find that God has accomplished many of His most amazing works using broken tools.

Abraham was too old. Jacob was a cheat. Joseph was just a dreamer. David was an adulterer and a murderer. Solomon, though more wise than any other man in history, would probably be referred to as a sex addict. Elijah dealt with depression.

The list goes on and on.

I confess that my life is a mess in a lot of ways. I’m scarred and broken and stained. But in the hands of the Master Builder, I am useful. I’m not useful because of anything that I am – except that I am His. He uses me just so I can be involved with Him. He does what He wants to do and I get to tag along.

I’m a broken tool. And His grace is sufficient for me.

12 thoughts on “About Mike

  1. You will always have a great big tender spot in our hearts, for what we have seen you do for a struggling and hurting mission in Colorado, and for your perserverance in humbly serving an awesome and powerful God through some tough times. God Bless you Pastor Mike, Tori, and kids!


  2. Thank you for sharing so wonderfully. I too have many fond memories of Duncan, although I have been away for 23 years now. But more succinctly, is the point that this can happen anywhere but it’s about how we who are God’s people choose to handle it.


  3. After I read “About Mike”, I said to my husband, “I love that”. In fact, just earlier this evening to my husband, I questioned why a certain couple that came from such a sordid past was lifted to such a lofty position in a church – and then, my grand-daughter posted your comments and then I followed it to “About Mike”. Thank you for sharing yourself and it absolutely answered my question. Also thank you for your article about Duncan. I don’t know where this was written for, was it the paper? We don’t take the paper so I am glad my grand-daughter found it & posted it on Facebook.


  4. mike, I just stumbled across your blog about Duncan. Thank you for sharing it. This year has been a great journey that has led me to work for an organization called The Covering House. We work with girls that have been exploited or trafficked. God is consistently reminding me that things happen because we are in a broken world. Thank you for the gentle reminder.


  5. Mike, we have not crossed paths for several years. I am delighted to , at least electronically, reconnect. I will be reading your blog. I hear truth and kindness, and will relish hearing more. Hug Tori and those precious children for me. (Are you still playing your saxophone?)


    1. Hi Ms Janis! It is so great to hear from you. I am delighted that you would read my blog. I will gladly pass out the hugs – though those precious children are mostly grown up now. The oldest three – Mickey, Kari, and Drew – are all at OBU and Mickey got married this past summer. I do still play my sax but not as often as I ought. Thanks so much for your kind words.


  6. I’m with you Mike, God made a place for this old broken tool in His tool box too. It took me until I was 50 to accept the wonderful gift He offered me and it was at a time in my life
    when I thought I was useless to anyone. “He picked me up, turned me around and set my feet on solid ground” and I have never looked back.
    Thank you for your transparency.


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