A Real Life Faith

In this series, we walk through the book of 1 Thessalonians. My intent is to have by the end of this journey a devotional commentary on the entire book.

I will compile them in textual order (with the text noted) as a functional table of contents. The entries listed in bold were Sunday sermons and (should) include a video of the message.

It Begins And Ends With Grace (1.1)

Well-Remembered (1.2-3)

Preponderance of Evidence (1.4-5)

Forged In Fire (1.6-7)

A Contagious Faith (1.8-10)

The Good, The Bad, And The Bold (2.1-2)

I Just Work Here (2.3-6)

Raised In Relationships (2.7-12)

Consider the Source (2.13)

Just Like Your Sisters (2.14-16)

Separation Anxiety (2.17-20)

Moving To The Immovable (3.1-3)

We Saw It Coming (3.4-5)

Where Do I Start? (3.9-10)

More Than Enough (3.11-12)

Blameless Wonder (3.13)

Yet Unfinished (4.1-3a)

Fire and Duct Tape and Sex (4.3b-5)

The Collateral Damage of Sex (4.6)

Who Came Up With All of This Sex Talk? (4.7-8)

The Urge of Love (4.9-10)

Yo, Grow Up (4.11-12)

Like A Thief In The Night (5.1-3)

Awake and Sober (5.4-8a)

To Finish Well (5.8-11)

What Are We Waiting For? (1.9-10)

Like Flowers For Mom (2.19)

He’ll Finish What He Started (3.13)

A Hope For The Future (4.13-18)

Forged In Fire (Reprise)

Raised In Relationships (Reprise) (5.12-15)

Enduring Together (Reprise) (5.16-22) [note: the original message was lost in a technical problem, but I hope to re-record it soon]

Yet Unfinished (Reprise) (5.23a)

To Finish Well (Reprise) (5.24)

Hope For The Future (Reprise) (5.23b)

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