God in the Mess: An Exploration of the Gospel of John

In this series of messages and lessons, we will explore what I believe is the key purpose with which the Holy Spirit moved John to write. It centers around verse 14 of chapter 1:

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.”

You see, He really wants us to know Him – God in the Mess.

It is my hope to cover (in rather broad strokes, of course) most, if not all, of the this rich text. Prayers are much appreciated as I undertake this journey.

John 1.1-18 – Enough, But Too Much

John 1.1-3,14 – Even When You’re Eyeballs Deep

John 1.19-34 – Here He Is

John 1.35-51 – By Invitation

John 2.1-12 – The New Life… of the Party

John 2.13-17 – Taking Care of Business… Sort Of

John 2.18-22 – I’ll Be Back

John 2.23-25 – He Just Knows

John 3.1-21 – The Mess of Religion

John 3.22-36 – The Best Best Man

John 4.1-42 – The Mess of Sin

John 4.43-54 – Please… It’s My Son

John 5.1-9 – 38 Years for a Moment

John 6.1-14 – The Mess of Lack

John  6.22-59 – Not Just the Baker, the Bread

John 8.1-11 – When the Stones Dropped

John 8.12-30 – The Mess of Darkness

John 9.1-41 – The Mess of Disease and Disability

John 11 – The Mess of Death

John 14.1-11 – The Mess of Ignorance

John 14.12-27 – Onboard Navigation

John 14.28-31 – The Hard Evidence of Love

John 15.1-17 – Stay, Grow

John 15.18-27 – The Haters Will Hate, But You’re Not Alone

John 15.26-16.4 – Hold On, Help Is Coming

John 16.4b-7 – A Promise of Better Things

John 16.8-11 – All the Best and Far Beyond

John 16.12-15 – But Wait… There’s More

John 16.16-24 – Sorrow Transformed

John 17.1-26 – The Mess of Estrangement

John 20.1-23 – The Mess of Death (Finally)

John 21.1-19 – The Mess of Failure

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