Profound Absurdities

Darn that lanolin!

A question brought back to mind by the deluge of precipitation experienced in our area the last couple of days:  why don’t sheep shrink when it rains?

I had held onto that quetion for years as one of the great mysteries of life – largely due to my desire to be distracted from so many weightier matters by the irrelevant.  But then it was ripped from the storehouse of the comforts of my soul by a well-intentioned gentlemen with very practical understanding of lamb-kind.

He walked up to me and simply said, “Lanolin.”

My puzzled look prompted his further explanation.  “That’s the reason sheep don’t shrink in the rain – lanolin.”

I think he mistook my displeasure with a lack of understanding.  He had no clue that I was feeling like a child that just walked in on his dad eating the cookies left out for Santa Claus.  He went on to explain that lanolin (yes, the magic ingredient in so many skin-care products) was secreted in the skin of the sheep and continually coated their wool so that the moisture from rain or any other source would simply roll off.

Can’t a guy just wonder?  Do we have to answer ALL the questions?

The Good Parts

Is it possible that the good parts are really the difficult places in life that shape our stories and give depth and gravity to the peaceful moments?

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Close the Gap

Every day we come across more and more evidence that things are not the way they are supposed to be. What can we do about it?

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Excruciating Love

Jesus stepped down into our mess and took our guilt and agony upon Himself so that I could have a better life… forever. We tried to do the same for two little lives that I still expect to see every time I look out the window at the swings shaken only by the breeze.

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I Choose You

If you have made one of those lifetime promises (that we usually call wedding vows), go back and listen to this great song again. What does choosing your partner look like today?

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Take The World

I’m enamored with the intimate stylings of Johnnyswim. In case you’re not acquainted, this is a husband and wife duo that makes some really great music together (and some absolutely beautiful children). Their song, “Take The World,” is a breath of courage to me in a season of weariness and desire to keep growing in my marriage.

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Like We Do

I don’t expect anyone to pattern their marriage after mine or compare theirs with ours. We have our own unique way of doing “I do” together. I’m not suggesting ours is better. I’m just saying it is ours… and it’s a work in progress, a relationship still growing, refining, reforming.

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Higher And Higher

My beloved has a way of encouraging me, helping me, motivating me to reach for more. Just like Jack Nicholson’s neurotic character blurted out in the romantic comedy, As Good As It Gets, “You make me want to be a better man!”

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