Communication Goal #1

My first goal in the communication emphasis is regarding my preaching ministry. I am compelled to leverage this important role more effectively and deliberately.


  • I have struggled to do so in the past, but I will establish and maintain a preaching calendar that will stay approximately three months ahead.
  • I have been particularly empowered for preaching clarity by the weekly sermon preparation taught by The Preaching Rocket. I will follow this preparation process with the following steps each week that I am preaching:
    1. Monday: Answer 4 questions
      • What is the message about?
      • Why is it important?
      • What do I want them to do?
      • What is the single most persuasive idea?
    2. Tuesday: Identify 3 boxes
      • Introduction – the problem or reason to hear
      • The Biblical Answer to the problem
      • Imagine – what would it look like to implement that answer
    3. Wednesday: Manuscript
    4. Thursday: Revise manuscript and rehearse message


  • Sounding Out partners: my wife Tori, a couple of experienced preachers in our fellowship to talk through plans/ideas out loud
  • Ongoing accountability with my mentor


  • Monthly conversation with mentor about the next month out on the preaching calendar (Beginning of November discuss January – and so on)
  • Ongoing conversation with our worship leader
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