Cultural Engagement Goal #2

My second goal for the cultural engagement emphasis is to engage with a group of pastors in my community (affectionately known as the Dead Prophets Society) to establish kingdom partnerships for the betterment of our community.


  1. I will engage in bi-weekly conversations wherein we will imagineer and eventually plan.
  2. We will lead a community clean-up project.
  3. We will plan and carry out a community-wide awareness rally for our recently-opened pregnancy center.


  1. My three fellow pastors (thus far) who have begun to build the relationships on which to base these partnership activities.
  2. Book: Churches Partnering Together
  3. Prayer gathering for local pastors


  1. As with all of my goals, this is a part of my ongoing conversation with my mentor and discipleship partners.
  2. The clean-up project will take place in the spring of 2019.
  3. The pregnancy center rally will take place between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day 2019.
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