Servant Leadership Goal #1

My first goal in my servant leadership emphasis is to effectively empower, deeply, and release ministry teams and team leaders in a team ministry model.


  1. We began with a list of ministry teams, most of which have been functioning to some degree, but most ineffectively. My first step is to meet with each team within the first quarter of the church year.
  2. It is needful to identify a team leader for each ministry team.
  3. I want to ask how I can help/support/empower each team and team leader.
  4. I want to do (within reason) what they suggest. In other words, I want to let them teach me how to lead them well.
  5. I will challenge each team to produce a one-sentence mission statement that expresses how that team helps move us forward in the mission of the church: We are family striving to Embrace, Explore, and Express God’s grace.


  1. The most important resource is, of course, the amazing people I have the privilege to lead.
  2. The other critical factor in this particular goal is the accountability of my mentor, my discipleship partners, and this portfolio to follow through.


  1. By the end of November, I plan to have met with each ministry team.
  2. I plan to have monthly check-in with each team leader established by December 2018.
  3. I plan to take a survey of the teams at the beginning of March to assess and gauge the steps to take to improve and further develop the team ministry model.
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