Servant Leadership Goal #2

My second goal in the servant leadership emphasis is to re-engage the Deacon Ministry Team in the mission of the church.


  1. I will meet with the chairman of the deacon team to pray, discuss, and brainstorm how this might be effectively accomplished.
  2. I will meet with at least three other pastors to seek counsel as to how this may be affected.
  3. I will meet with the key leaders in the church to seek their input in this matter.
  4. Once I formulate a tentative mission statement for this team that explains how this team will move us forward in our mission, then I will set a meeting with the entire team and ask their help to solidify this statement.
  5. Then we establish a regular meeting interval to work to carry out that mission.


  1. There are a few key leaders in our church family that have a unique layer of experience and insight into this matter.
  2. There are wise, experienced pastors around that I have not sought to learn from as I ought. This is an important resource.


  1. I will have a tentative mission statement and begin meeting with this team by March of 2019.
  2. I will need the accountability of my mentor, my discipleship partners, and this portfolio to see that it is executed.
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