Sermon Archive

This is an archive of sermon recordings from the last couple of years. I plan to add at least one or two per week to this archive, usually on Wednesdays.

  • When You Don’t Know What To Do

    When we stop to think about it, we have so very much for which to be thankful. And yet… we are surrounded by so much turmoil and strife and contention. Sometimes it seems like we’re walking through a jungle of crazy and we’ve just run out of path.

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  • The Best Next Step

    Most of us want to see how a process should go before we jump into it. We would rather have some understanding of the steps involved. But the journey of life doesn’t always work that way.

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  • A Confession of Superiority

    If we’re honest, we can acknowledge that we have a very high opinion of our opinion.

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  • The Mess of Failure

    Jesus stepped into the mess of their failure and brought purpose.

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  • The Mess of Death (Finally)

    Jesus stepped into the mess of death and brought resurrection.

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  • The Mess of Estrangement

    Reconciliation, for most people, is the exception instead of the norm. But Jesus stepped into the mess of our estrangement and brought reconciliation.

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