The Urge of Love

It’s strange how much people pay attention when you talk about sex, but how uninterested people are when we speak of love. I suppose it has something to do with the very sensory nature of sex and how we at the very least minimize the emotional connection involved.

But I wonder if this enormous preference for sex rather than love comes from an innate sense that love is a lot more work. It requires putting the needs of someone else ahead of our own, valuing another more than self. I suppose that is, in the arena of sexuality, the difference between engaging in sexual intercourse and, as the raggedly mis-used term goes, making love. One is focused upon self, the other upon the partner.

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Raised In Relationships

When our self-reliant cultural values carry over into our spiritual lives, it can make for some pretty crippling realities for the way we function in spiritual community.

The truth is that we need each other. A Real Life Faith is Raised In Relationships.


If you know Jesus, your faith needs people. It really is true. A faith that will endure the hardship and headache and heartache of life – a Real Life Faith – is Raised In Relationships.

Some Risky Business

I witnessed something powerful last night that I’m still trying to process.

I was attending a meeting of representatives of churches all over the world with which ours is associated where our president demonstrated a powerful example of genuine servant leadership and vulnerability.

As he confessed instances of ungodly attitudes – prejudices – so many emotions stirred through the room… and no small amount of tension.

I was moved and teary-eyed at the beauty of reconciliation demonstrated by this man.

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