Say It

The world of social media has been abuzz the last couple of days with so much talk of mental illness and its ramifications, connotations, and insinuations. This is not surprising, given the circumstances, but sometimes I think we just talk to much.

I think we get so absorbed in ourselves that we often fail to really express some things that we probably feel that shouldn’t be left unsaid. If you have been shocked or troubled by the most recent celebrity death, would you take a wee bit of advice from a friend?

Say it.

The care you have in your heart for the people in your life, the appreciation you have for the folks that make your life better, the recognition of people around you who do things well – all of it, just say it.

Say “thank you.” And mean it.

Say, “I love you” where you need to say it.

I’m no expert on grief, but in fifteen years of pastoring I have never heard a grieving family member say, “I wish I hadn’t told him that I loved him so much.”
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Don’t Just Do Something…Stand There

I attended a funeral a couple of days ago for a young man I never met. It was gut-wrenching.

I have a son just six months younger than this young man was at his death. It’s scary to see this kind of thing happen. The specific circumstances are not relevant to my purpose, but suffice it to say that the young man’s family has been devastated by this tragedy.

I see around me people here and there dealing with struggles of various sorts. As a pastor, it’s expected that I will be one of those who walk in where the hurting are even when everyone else is staying away. People look to me and hope for words of comfort, insights of wisdom…something. But what I have learned is that no words or deeds can take away the pain.
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