The Mess of Lack

If God has come to us, here in this world, why is there so much need?

When we look at John’s account of Jesus feeding 5000 people, I believe we can see some important things.

Jesus came into the mess of our lack and brought abundance.

See Him. See that Jesus is our great PROVISION, not just our Provider.

Believe Him. Believe that will both BE and PROVIDE what we truly need.

Know Him. Know Him as God in the Mess of your Lack.


Perched upon my porch as the sun peeks over the trees this morning, the ominous prayer list before me seems to weigh fifty pounds. The contradiction of the glorious peace of the birdsongs and the gentle shaking of leaves in the wisps of breeze with the sense of chaos at the recognition of so many needs around me is…huge.

It seems like there are moments like this from time to time when I have this angst – most of it not even for myself but for those I care for and with whom I serve – that drives me to roll up my figurative sleeves and dive into the hard work of prayer. Yet, so often in these moments, when I begin to think that I simply must, I hear in my spirit that sweet, gentle whisper that I know so well.

“Be still.”

But I have all of these people I need to talk to You about.

“Be still.”

But I have to discuss these things with You if I am going to be a faithful pastor.

“Be still.”

But –

“Be still.”


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The Servants of the Secret Fire

Remember the song we sang so often as kids, “This Little Light of Mine?”

Yeah, it was funny and simple and memorable. We sang it and did the motions and all of that stuff. But I think we miss the simple power of it.

You see, like many of you, I have been through a few of those valleys where the fire of faith in me had faded and, like a coal pulled out of the fireplace, had begun to cool and gray – losing the glow, ebbing in heat. If you’ve been there, then you know that feeling of somehow knowing, but questioning at the same time.
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