Separation Anxiety

A couple of years ago my wife and I experienced a separation anxiety that we had never before tasted. We had sent a few kids off to college by then. We had sent one to China for a month. We’re not the ultra-clingy type of parents that can never be away from our kids.

But this time was different. Our oldest son and his lovely wife went to spend a year serving in Honduras (read about it on Lessons from Honduras). Within a couple of months of arriving in the small town in western Honduras, our son contracted dengue fever. He was very ill. And we were very scared.

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Raised In Relationships

When our self-reliant cultural values carry over into our spiritual lives, it can make for some pretty crippling realities for the way we function in spiritual community.

The truth is that we need each other. A Real Life Faith is Raised In Relationships.


If you know Jesus, your faith needs people. It really is true. A faith that will endure the hardship and headache and heartache of life – a Real Life Faith – is Raised In Relationships.