Consider the Source

With all of the talk of fake news in the world lately, it’s become quite the practice to discount the source of any news we are not already inclined to believe. But it’s obvious to us these days that we cannot simply believe everything we read or hear.

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He Asked the Right Question

Tonight yet another great kid that calls me dad will celebrate his high school graduation. I’ve written before about my son with Too Many Hats, but today he closes a door with a clear direction for the next step.

He still has many interests. Like his dad, he is pretty good at several things and, also like his dad, he’s not always focused on any one of those things. But he doesn’t have to know the whole path for his life. In fact, that’s not at all the way God lays out His plans for us. We could not possibly swallow it if He tried to reveal it to us. His plans are too big for that.

I’m convinced that, as long as we are fixated upon our own plans for our lives, we will never find the much greater, much more significant and meaningful plans that God has for us.

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