Time to Dance in the Rain

I spent a few minutes sitting on my front porch this morning (in long pants and sleeves for a change).  I sat and enjoyed my first cup of coffee of the day and just listened to the glorious sound of the rain.  Yes, here in what looked like a barren wasteland, it is raining.  It has sprinkled a very light shower here and there for the last couple of days, but this morning we are receiving a long, slow, soaking rain.

I dare say this morning that one of two things are happening in our area.  Either the local law enforcement are being summoned as numerous folks are causing a disruption by following through on their vow to dance naked in the rain, or there are a lot of grateful folks that have chickened out on their pledge.  Let’s hope it’s the latter.

I realize that some of you may have a problem with the whole idea of dancing – particularly in the sense of praise and thanksgiving.  It seems to me that this is exactly the kind of dancing that the Scriptures do encourage – the spontaneous expression of joy and gratitude and praise displayed by David the king (as recorded in 2 Samuel 6 – notably with no pronouncement of judgment from anyone but his bitter wife).

You see, there is an overflow of joy at the witnessing of God’s power and provision that manifest itself in different ways for different people.  Some fall silent in awe and gratitude.  Some shout and sing.  Some leap and dance.  To expect someone else to respond in the same way that you do is foolish at best – and at worst absurdly arrogant.

O my friends, God is beginning again to pour out His showers of blessing upon His people – at least here in this place in which I serve.  Even as the rain begins to fall, let us pray for rain.  Let us till the soil of relationships.  Let us sow the seed of the gospel.  Let us gather the fruit that He brings forth.  But in it all, let us not forget to celebrate the harvest.

Could it be that it’s time to dance in the rain?

I posted another version of this on facebook a couple of weeks back, but for some who may think Gene Kelly’s just not cool enough, here’s one with Usher – and who could possibly say that Usher isn’t cool enough?

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