Waiting in the Dark

If we were to rewind to the last day of 2012 with our knowledge of some of the things that would happen in the coming year, there is no doubt that we would be racked with fear about some of what was to come.

I look around and so many people to whom I am very close have faced enormous challenges and fearful situations. This wonderful messed up place I gladly call home has seen some horrific events that we could not possibly have imagined as we walked into 2013. We look back on these things and wonder, “What’s next?”

We walk into 2014 with a much more sober reality and a greater awareness that life hurts sometimes. We step forward hoping, praying, begging for the next year to be better than the last. It would be foolish to think anything other than the truth that there will be dark days in the year to come. As old Frank used to sing, “That’s life.”

How do we walk into days of uncertainty? How do we walk down the dark streets that we know we will encounter? Who knows what kind of things, circumstances, even evils lie waiting in the dark?

Well, that’s where the hope is. For every person that has put their hope in Jesus, we rest in the fact that we serve a God who is entirely beyond the scope of time and space. He is not only everywhere at once, but He is also always at once.

He knows what lies waiting in the dark because He’s already there. He’s there in those moments of fear and uncertainty providing the grace and faith to those who will simply embrace it. He is there waiting…even in the dark.

So, what difference does it make? How does it change the way we look at the inevitable dark days to know that He is already there, waiting in the dark?

One response to “Waiting in the Dark”

  1. Wise words as we enter a new year! Words that speak a truth of reassurance noting the promise of a God who walks worth us through the dark!
    I’ve really enjoyed eating several of your posts! It’s truly amazing to see where God leads us in life. My dad is now a pastor in Colorado and he and mom have been truly blessed by that calling!
    To God be the glory!


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