My World-Changers

I have been a dad for 22 years. I have written about my oldest son a couple of times, but this is probably the first time I have stopped to write about him and his beautiful wife. Just over a year ago I had the profound honor of conducting their wedding ceremony. In fact, as I write this, I sit about 150 feet from the spot those two lives united as one.

Mickey and Jessica are an amazing young couple with a heart for God and for one another. But that’s not all. They have been used by God to stretch me more than they could possibly realize.

Three summers ago, Mickey spent a month on the other side of the world teaching English to junior high aged students. I believe that God used my son to show His love to those kids in such a way that He can surely use to draw them to Himself. That’s why he went – to shine light in a dark place. That experience changed him. It changed me too.

The next summer Jessica, my wonderful daughter-in-law, spent 10 days or so in Bolivia sharing the love of Christ in a place of such tremendous need. It was sweet and heart-breaking and life-changing. It changed her. It changed me too.

Right now they are in Wales getting more training so that they can spend the next school year somewhere in a foreign land teaching English and loving people in Jesus’ name. They’re doing it because they love Jesus and because they love people. They’re doing it because doing nothing is not an option for them.

I’d like to enlist the help of one of my favorite artists, Josh Wilson, to explain it.

They want to make a difference. I believe they will. They will go and serve and love and God will bear fruit through it. Then they will come back home and make a difference here – and God will bear fruit through that. And through it all, they will continue to help those of us that have the privilege of being near them to see the world much differently than we do.

These kids of mine – my world-changers – make my daddy heart proud. And if that’s how I feel, imagine how the Father’s heart must be full of joy for them.

And I heard the voice of The Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?”

Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.”

Isaiah 6.8

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