Uncommonly Common

There is something almost startling in finding a very strong and sweet fellowship with people you have just met.

Last night we gathered in the home of a dear new friend with several other new friends for a time of simply being together. We shared a meal. We shared frustrations. We shared a few moments of prayer.

In this particular gathering, we did share, at least to a large degree, a common language. And, as we shared a common meal and shared unique stories, jokes, and memories…we also shared a sweetly common hope. There were many different backgrounds and, no doubt, some very different spiritual perspectives, but a common confidence in the name of Jesus.

I am struck by the richness of this fellowship. It is one that is, no doubt, strengthened through the adversity of workplace challenges, cultural difficulties, and what feels like an uphill climb for their purpose of being here together. But it is deeper than that.

What I think I see in these dear folks is the very thing that our brother Paul challenged us unto:

Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.

Philippians 2.4

It’s a common care that is far too uncommon these days.

What if all of us who follow Jesus were genuinely at least as concerned about the concerns of others as we are about our own?

What if this commomality were not so uncommon?

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