I always find it humorous when the GPS navigation device or app says, “recalculating.”

Unless I’m driving… then I don’t like it much at all. It’s like this smug little person in a machine is saying, “Hold on a minute while I figure out how to get you out of this mess.”

But what happens when we get so far off course that our GPS doesn’t even know where we are? Or maybe we just don’t have a very good connection with the satellite. What do we do then?

Well, it may seem old-fashioned, but maybe at that point it’s time to stop. We stop and re-establish our connection. We quit moving and just let the satellite find us.

I find, from time to time, that in all of the work of keeping on keeping on, I sort of lose track of my guiding signal from God. And in those times, the only way I know to get back on track is to stop going, stop doing, and focus on the one thing I most need – to know Him.

And from there? I just have to listen to what He says and go in the direction He tells me to go. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to find the direction I’m supposed to go when I stop going in the direction that doesn’t seem to be the right one.

When I stop… when I look up… when I ask it again…

“Send out Your light and Your truth; let them lead me; let them bring me to Your holy hill and to Your dwelling.”

Psalm 43.3

In the longingly beautiful words of the old spiritual,

Precious Lord, take my hand
lead me on, let me stand
I am tired, I am weak
I am worn
Through the storm, through the night
Lead me on to the light
Take my hand, precious Lord
Lead me home

Thomas Andrew Dorsey, “Precious Lord, Take My Hand”

I’d encourage you to listen to this beautiful rendition here and just pray along.

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