Revision of Vision

Dwelling upon the many powerful moments this week, the second phrase to which our attention has been drawn is simply, “Enlarge the Vision.”

Every pastor has something of a vision of seeing lives transformed. But, when faced with the challenge to expand or enlarge that vision, it can seem like being accosted about our lack of faith. We want to see God work in amazing ways but don’t really believe that He would do that – not in us or in our circumstances.

I could put a pretty “holy” spin on that by telling you it’s because I recognize what an unworthy tool I am and that, for God to do anything at all in and through my life, it’s nothing short of miraculous…but that would only highlight the absurdity of thinking what God can do is in any possible way dependent upon me. Ridiculous, no?

I have a small vision (if any at all) because I have a small faith.

But, when I fix my attention on Jesus and who He really is, God begins a revision of my vision. We sang a song the last couple of nights that was an invitation for the Holy Spirit to come and adjust our lives to His course. But these words caught my attention:

When You come in the room, when You do what only You can do, it changes us, it changes what we see and what we seek.

Jacob Sooter and Mia Fieldes, Spirit of the Living God

As that thought set in, it dawned upon me that the intimacy of worship gives the freedom to the Holy Spirit to revise the way I see the world. He gives me an appetite to seek the things of the Spirit – that are so much greater than I can see.

I’m reminded of the experience of a servant by the name of Gehazi who worked for a prophet named Elisha. Gehazi walked out of the house one morning and was petrified at the sight of a great army of men, horses, and chariots surrounding the city. In panic, he cried out to the prophet. Elisha calmly replied, “Do not be afraid, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”

I can just imagine Gehazi’s confusion, but Elisha prayed for him:

“O Lord, please open his eyes that he may see.”

2 Kings 6.17

God opened Gehazi’s eyes to see the spiritual reality that is most often unseen as he recognized the fiery presence of a heavenly host surrounding them as a wall of protection against the physical enemy.

God has a way of bringing about a revision of vision by which He shows us something far, far greater than we can see on our own.

Out of our earnest and intimate worship, a vision is born. As we respond to His vision by simply believing He can and will fulfill it, that vision is enlarged to become so great that only God could accomplish it.

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