I Can’t See It, But I Want To

One of those passages that has always been kind of quietly convicting is the account of Jesus as He looked out over the city of Jerusalem with tears in His eyes. In fact, it tells us that, as He saw the city He wept.

Jesus wept over this city that was obviously so dear to His heart. He wept for their lostness, their lack of understanding of the things happening right there among them. He wept that they were so close to Truth but were blinded by their tradition.

The people of that city in just a few short days would be crying out for Jesus to be crucified. But Jesus was heartbroken because He, the Prince of peace was here in their presence and they would simply not see Him for who He was.

I don’t understand how He could love them so desperately knowing that they would mock him so relentlessly. I don’t know how He could weep for those who would so soon cry for His execution. I don’t know how He could love them so much.

But then, how could He love me like He does?

I don’t understand that love, but I want it. I can’t see it, but I want to.

I want to see the world the way Jesus did…and does.

Like Brandon Heath so powerfully put it, “Lord, give me Your eyes..”

Brandon Heath, “Give Me Your Eyes”

Would you join Brandon and me in that prayer?

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