Embarrassingly Easy

a wrought iron door knocker hangs on a weathered, old door

I’ve lived in the same house for 8 1/2 years – coming up on 9. We live in a very pleasant neighborhood with a ball field across the street. We’re known as the house with all the cars/teenagers.

I’m attempting to lead our fellowship to step out into the community this summer and our first “breakaway” event was to have a cookout there by the ball field across the street from my house. I told our faith family that I was inviting all of my neighbors. I was going to print a nice invitation with a picture of us so they would know which crazy neighbors had left this piece of paper on their door.

I forgot to do it when I meant to do it. So Sunday afternoon (about 3 hours before the cookout) I grabbed ten 3″x5″ index cards and hand-wrote invitations that looked like this:


I then walked out of my front door and started at the end of the street and went to the first ten houses (besides mine, of course) and rang doorbells.

Four couples from those ten houses came down and ate a hot dog and enjoyed the fellowship with us. Two others stopped by and thanked us for the invitation as they were headed off to other obligations. They even asked us to be sure and let them know when we do it again – they would love to come.

That was embarrassingly easy.

While they were there we sang some songs of worship and I shared a simple object lesson using lifesavers candy to explain the gospel. And we had fun and food and fellowship.

And I am so horribly convicted that it took almost nine years for me to walk out of my front door and go meet some of my neighbors. May God forgive me!

I invited my neighbors to come eat a hot dog with us and several of them did so.

I’m not so naive as to think that this kind of response is normal, but I know that it was at least five times more response than I have ever seen in inviting someone to a service in a church building.

Maybe that’s why Jesus said, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.“(Mark 16.15) Maybe, instead of trying to bring people to the church, we should bring the church to the people.

In this particular case, it was easy. In fact, it was embarrassingly easy.

God, please continue to break down any walls that stand between me and any step You would have me to take.

So, have you ever taken a step that you found to be embarrassingly easy?

4 responses to “Embarrassingly Easy”

  1. Jordan McCabe Avatar
    Jordan McCabe

    Loved this. Love you.


    1. Thanks, sister. Love you too.


  2. Wayne Hatcher Avatar
    Wayne Hatcher

    That is a great testimony of faith in action – many times we make things way too complicated when a simple invite is all that’s needed. A personal invite to come to Jesus and let Him work in their lives.


  3. Thanks for sharing this! The “body of Christ” (we are His hands!) going OUT and touching others instead of waiting for them to come in … That IS the heart of God in action.


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