Strangely Beautiful Chaco Feet

My friend and fellow blogger Rachel recently wrote about her observations regarding Chaco sandals here, but I had never worn them…but this is not really about me wearing them…though I now have and I must admit they’re pretty amazing.

These sandals, like most sandals, lead to some odd-looking sunburns and tan lines when one spends a lot of time out in the summer sun.


Let’s face it – Chaco feet are rather funny-looking.

I’ve spent the last 6 days with a group of about 300 students and leaders in Austin serving and loving the city and seeking to share the hope of new life in Christ in deeds and words. And there are an awful lot of funky Chaco feet leaving Austin a different place than they found it.

Teams of students and leaders have washed 1064 cars for free. They have worked with over 52 kids in a maker-space and 41 in backyard city clubs. They have completed numerous construction projects and gone all over the city loving people in very real and tangible ways and sharing hope. They hung over 17,000 door hangers inviting people to hear the good news at a local church. They knocked on 3,942 doors and were able to pray with 189 people to offer hope and encouragement.

After all is said and done, about 300 students and leaders had raised and paid in well over $100,000 to come here and serve the city of Austin in Jesus’ name. 6 days and nights later, they have touched in some way over 22,000 people in this place…by just 300 folks in 6 days.

And in the love of Christ that they demonstrated loudly and spoke gently, 57 people opened their hearts to receive that love.

They walked so many miles in the south Texas heat and boggled people’s minds by paying for and helping with their laundry. They worshiped as though heaven had started without them and they were trying to catch up.

They spent hours and hours and hours out in the sun…many of them getting those signature Chaco feet in the process.

And they’re funny-looking… but strangely beautiful – just as the Apostle Paul reminded us,

As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”

Romans 10.15

I am honored beyond expression to have been along for this ride and I pray God will raise up a great harvest from the seeds of love and truth and grace that have been sown in this field.

And I celebrate those strangely beautiful Chaco feet.

2 responses to “Strangely Beautiful Chaco Feet”

  1. The Smiling Pilgrim Avatar
    The Smiling Pilgrim

    Feet under water always look cool lol


  2. Jordan McCabe Avatar
    Jordan McCabe

    57 people?! That’s amazing!!


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