To Finish Well (Reprise)

We’ve been walking through this amazing letter of 1 Thessalonians over the last several weeks. It has been challenging and encouraging to me and I hope it has to you as well.

As Paul seems to look back over the themes of this letter in the last chapter, he makes a simple, powerful statement:

“He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it,” (1 Thess 5.24)

1 Thessalonians 5.24

There is a settled confidence in this sentence. God, who has called us to this faith, is indeed faithful. He is worthy of our confidence and faith.

He will do what he promised. You can count on it.

Why is this simple statement so important?

We explored the idea several days ago that a real life faith wants to finish well. The first half of this last chapter made a strong case for that premise.

But the great news in all of this is that, while He calls us to sanctification and to pursue a life of holiness, he does the work in us.

And because we are aware that God himself does the real transformation, we can take great confidence in him and his ability and willingness to accomplish this purpose in us.

A real life faith really does want to finish well. And the One who has called us is faithful. He will surely do it.

Father, give us the grace to lean into the work you are doing in us, grant us the grace to finish well.

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