In a Sea

My son has been in a battle lately, but I’m sure proud of the courage he has shown to just keep on. You should read this poem. It’s pretty good.

Striving to Struggle

Floundering in a deep dark sea of despair

Unable to swim and unwilling to share

Fighting to keep weariness at bay

Unwilling to say that I am not okay

Fearing the Depths, I finally cry out

Useless, I think, no one will hear my shout

Father hears me crying out in pain

Understanding, he sends me tools to keep me sane

First, a board to keep me afloat

Until he decides to send me a boat

For now, I paddle the stormy sea

Uplifted, knowing my Father loves me

About The Poem:

This poem dictates a pattern in my life that I was unable to stop. I would often find myself drowning after trying to swim by myself with no assistance. I would then have a moment of emotional crisis and ask God and family for help. He and they responded quickly to my call and I felt I was…

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