“The Coloring Song” – A Musical Devotional

“The Coloring Song”

Performed by Petra, Written by Dave Eden

I’m a visual person. I like to use pictures, objects, colors,  movements—whatever I can to communicate. Using the familiar to connect to an idea or a truth helps us hold on to that idea.

I always loved the colorful beaded bracelets from my youth that helped me remember a simple way to share hope with someone. So many of my buddies over the recent years could tell you why I’ve kept lifesavers candy in my study for them to stop in and grab. It means something.

For some reason this classic song from Petra (the favorite christian band from my teenage years) has been popping up in my mind a number of times lately. Listening to it again, I hear the imagery come alive again.

It’s always been funny to me that one of the criticisms of early contemporary christian music was the lack of depth or theological richness. Petra gave strong evidence to the contrary, but this song in particular drips with theology like a classic hymn. It kind of sounds like a hymn as well.

But I want to ask you to think about this imagery for moment. They paint a word picture of the powerful sufficiency of the blood of Jesus (red) to cover our sins and bring us life. The cold heart (blue) is one who will not open to receive this hope.

The morning sun (gold) pictures the power of the Son of God to fill our world with warmth and peace. The autumn leaves (brown) blown around by winter’s harsh winds help to picture the reality of the cycle of life and death and its inevitability.

In these color reflections, there is a simple, beautiful remembrance of who God is and what He has done for us. We’re reminded of the source of our hope with a slow, plodding drone and a softly lilting melody.

My hope this morning is that you will take a few minutes to just listen and reflect on the beauty, the simplicity, and rich truth carried so well in these colorful word pictures.

The Coloring Song, Performed by Petra, Written by Dave Eden

Father, thank You for this pleasant and peaceful reminder of the richness of Your grace and mercy toward us. We are unworthy, yet You chose us as Your own. How great You truly are.

If you enjoy these musical devotional posts, let me know in the comments and feel free to suggest a song that speaks to you in a significant way.

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