Enough to Enjoy

I love my chiminea.

(I’ve written before about my fire journaling exercise with my trusty chiminea.)

I recently also inherited a gas fire pit that I really like. There is something really pleasant about sitting out on the deck on a cool evening with a nice fire.

But where I live we will cross over in a a matter of weeks to that point where it just doesn’t get cool enough to enjoy the fire at night. Few folks want to sit around the fire when it’s still 80 degrees out.

But when it gets to that point we will be hitting the best snow cone shop on the planet and enjoying that frozen treat instead. Our snow cone dealer closes for the winter (as do most in our part of the world).

I’ve noticed that we love to complain when it’s really hot… or when it’s really cold. But we delight in the soothing things for those times. When the summer is so hot, a great snow cone or a dip in the pool is a soothing and refreshing experience. In the coldest days of winter we find a good fire or a cup of hot cocoa to be a very pleasant thing.

Have you noticed that it is only when we get chilled enough that we enjoy sitting by the fire? Or that it’s only when we get hot and sticky enough that we really appreciate a really cold drink?

I think that we often get so distracted by the present unpleasantness in our lives that we fail to notice the provision of some soothing reality to enjoy. As a follower of Jesus, I have come to recognize that whatever hardship I may be experiencing brings an opportunity to see God’s faithful provision therein.

Just as the winter makes me cold enough to enjoy the fire or the heat of summer makes me hot enough to enjoy a great snow cone, the times of challenge in my spiritual life make me dependent enough to enjoy His faithfulness. The seasons of quiet make me still enough to enjoy His guidance. The days full of turmoil help me to be uneasy enough to enjoy His comfort.

I am pretty sure that this is the kind of lesson Paul was making reference to when he explained that he had learned to be content in both the days of abundance and the days of great need. (Philippians 4)

So what kind of season are you walking through right now? Is it cool enough to enjoy the fire or hot enough to dive into the pool?

Whatever it may be, will you see the “enough” and recognize the “enjoy” that He provides with it?

Paul gave us this assurance:

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. (Phil 4.19)

Philippians 4.19

But recognize here that it is only in recognizing your need that you begin to see His provision.

Father, let us see enough need to enjoy Your provision.

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