Sign the Blank Check

Have you ever had someone hand you a signed check with the understanding that you need to fill in the appropriate amount?

I know some have never actually held a check in their hand these days… much less a blank one. Times are certainly changing.

But for the security-minded folks, the idea of handing someone a signed blank check is a huge vulnerability, right? That person has the power to empty our account, to remove all of our funds by filling in an excessive amount. It’s a dangerous practice for sure.

I have been thinking and talking a lot about grace the last couple of days—nothing new there really—but I find myself reflecting on a simple question with potentially enormous implications.

What is the appropriate response to God’s grace?

As I was exploring a pivotal passage about how we can be saved by grace, Ephesians chapter 2, I began to see the deep significance of who and where we were before experiencing His grace. Paul describes the spiritual condition of a person in very plain terms:

“And you were dead in the trespasses and sins…”

Ephesians 2.1

We were spiritually dead and only made spiritually alive by the grace of God that came and gave us the faith to believe. What a vivid picture of a powerful spiritual truth.

So… if we were dead without Him and only made alive by Him, then how would we answer the question above? What is the appropriate response to God’s grace?

I think that, if we go even farther into the realities of grace, we will see that even our physical life, our emotional being, and all of the reality of the world around us are all evidence of the enormity of the grace of God. If everything we are, everything we have, and all of the wonders of existence are manifestations of the grace of God, then what is the right response?

My best answer: Sign the blank check.

It is to figuratively sign a blank check on the account of our lives and hand it to the Father.

The phrase, “a blank check,” is described by the Cambridge Dictionary as “the authority and the freedom to do whatever you decide is necessary or best.” It is usually used to refer to some government appointee or business executive that has a huge situation to address and is given full freedom to do whatever is needed to resolve it or make it better.

That begs the question: does God have the authority and freedom to do whatever He decides is necessary or best—in your life and mine?

If not… why not?

I suspect that answer will probably boil down to the notion of control. I’m pretty sure that God chuckles every time we use that word. It’s surely an illusion in most any real context. In reality, we just struggle to trust the heart and character of God enough to give Him total freedom to do with our lives what He chooses.

We all get it, though, don’t we? If we give God a blank check on our lives, He might send us someplace or ask us to do something we really don’t want to go or do. He might call us to some foreign land—or maybe even across the street—to share the love of Jesus with others. He might pull one of those “sell all you have and give it to the poor” stunts or another “follow me and I will make you fishers of men” event.

If we really sign over our lives to Him, there is no end of possibilities that He might take us through.

But… there is no end of possibilities that He might invite us into. He didn’t promise it would be an easy ride, but the most amazing experiences are seldom found on the easy path.

Still, when we consider the magnitude of His grace toward us, how can we not at least recognize that He deserves our all—and so much more!

I want to challenge you to consider these words (also penned by the Apostle Paul) about the nature of this new life we have been given by Jesus’ sacrifice for us: 

“…and [Jesus] died for all, that those who live might no longer live for themselves but for him who for their sake died and was raised.”

2 Corinthians 5.15

Think about it. He doesn’t ask most of us to die for Him, but He surely asks us to live for Him.

So… sign the blank check.

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