Book Reviews

It just seems right to share some of the books that I have read recently that have had some impact on my understanding and experience of life and faith. It is my intention to publish a new book review each week.

  • Book Review: “A Practical Primer on Theological Method”

    Most of us at begin with an inherited theological framework. It is the foundation our earliest understandings about God are built upon. As I have aged and grown and matured and stretched, I have found myself seeking a more comprehensive understanding of biblical faith. What I feel this Practical Primer accomplishes quite well is that it pushes the reader to recognize that there are a number of important perspectives that need to be considered for a healthy examination of theology.

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  • Book Review: “The Rest of God”

    “The Rest of God” has an engaging rhythm much like a slow waltz. From personal, historical, and literary hooks to healthy biblical/theological reflection giving way to elegantly simple application, there is a soothing motion to this book.

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