Book Review: “Undistracted”

Undistracted: Capture Your Purpose, Rediscover Your Joy

by Bob Goff

Mike’s Rating:

5 out of 5 cups of coffee!

I first listened through Bob Goff’s book, “Undistracted,” more than a year ago. I went through it again last weekend. It is well worth yet another listen.

If you’re at all familiar with Bob Goff then you already know the infectious joy and energy that seems to pour forth from his life. Hearing this book literally out of his mouth was, in my estimation, the ideal means of experiencing it.

“Undistracted” is a strange title and indeed a little surprising concept at face value coming from someone that seems to be always up for some unanticipated caper that presents itself. But that is part of the genius of Bob Goff. This book is really focused upon letting go of the things that steal our joy and our energy away from the reason we live.

When you go to a restaurant and look around the room, it is disturbing to notice how many of the people in the room are not really present in the room. They are staring at their phones or the tv screens in the corner. I’m guilty of it. Most of us are.

I suppose the thing that really stood out to me the most is the fact that this man who desires to be known for his radical availability—so much so that he gives his personal phone number in the book and tries to answer the dozens of calls he gets from complete strangers every week—is calling us to live undistracted lives that lean into the reason we were created in the first place. At first glance, that seems like a contradiction. Yet Bob and his friends have accomplished some incredible things with the aim of serving others that could only come forth out of his lifestyle of deliberate presence.

Bob Goff is a man of deep faith as well as joyful whimsy. I strongly recommend this book but particularly to those who have been in a season of listlessness or lacking direction. Bob’s not going to give you a formula to work out, but he is going to challenge you to remember why you’re here.

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