The Mess of Disease and Disability

God loved us enough to step into our mess, but too much to leave us there.

In this lesson, we explore John 9 and the account of a man born blind that Jesus healed.

It’s so very important that we learn to SEE HIM. See him—not just as the Healer who can make everything better if He chooses to do so, but as your ultimate HEALING… that having Jesus even in your disease or disability is vastly better than being healed without him. And take comfort in the promise that the healing of these temporal issues will come in His time. SEE HIM as your healing.

But we must also BELIEVE HIM. Believe him—that, as much as you need relief or repair or remission or a reprieve, what you really need is HIM. Believe him—that he is what you most need and is freely provided.

In seeing him, in believing him, we grow to KNOW HIM. Know Him today… as your medicine, your therapy, your transplant, your very wholeness.

Jesus, God in the flesh, stepped into the mess of disease and disability and brought healing.