Stretching the Comfort Zone

Sunday night our CityReach team had our last preparation session before our departure for this grand adventure.

It was a bit… awkward.

Well, it was for a moment now and then.

Of course, we could say the same for our time of commissioning prayer as various individuals came along and put their hands on our shoulders as they prayed for us. Some people are rather uncomfortable with such things. But then I suppose that’s part of the point of this whole project.

Well, sort of…

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Forged In Fire (Reprise)

We’ve been walking through this letter, 1 Thessalonians. Throughout the book, Paul has been challenging and encouraging us to embrace the refining work of God and develop in us A Real Life Faith.

One of the resonating and recurring themes is that a real life faith is forged in fire.

The late Adrian Rogers often said, “A faith that’s not been tested can’t be trusted.” There’s something to that.

Our faith never really gets strengthened unless it gets tested. It’s like a muscle. And the kind of faith that will go the distance, A Real Life Faith, is Forged in Fire.

Yo, Grow Up

As a dad, I’ve spent a lot of time and energy over the years getting my kids to recognize when they needed to go to the bathroom, then to learn how to do so on their own and ultimately to do so without announcing it to the household… or congregation, or the folks in a crowded restaurant, or… well, you know the drill.

It looks as though we have succeeded in getting all of ours to the place where they will not starve just because someone doesn’t come and make them sit down to eat.

That’s what parents do, isn’t it? We try to get our kids to learn how to do things so that we don’t have to hold their hand every minute or whatever extreme we might come up with that is an example of kids not really growing up. Continue reading Yo, Grow Up