Almost Fed

I have had a hummingbird feeder hanging on the front of my porch for a couple of summers now. So it’s not unusual to have those captivating little fellows come by while I sit here and write or pray or read or just reflect.

It is fascinating to me how they fly and hover and even eat without so much as a pause in the movement of those wings that can hardly be seen for their rapid motion. What amazing creatures they are!

But lately I have noticed something I had not observed in times past. The hummingbirds will very often come and look at the feeder, fly around it for a moment, and never eat. I have attempted to do something helpful. I have provided sweet nectar for these delightful birds. But, at least for the last couple of hours, I just almost fed a hummingbird.


Now, I read that hummingbirds need to about 100% of their body weight in this sweet nectar every day plus as much as 2000 tiny insects. So… why don’t they eat it? Continue reading Almost Fed