In Common – 1

My Merriam-Webster Premium Dictionary app (Who pays for a “premium” dictionary? This nerd does.) offers this first definition:  “Common – 1 a: of or relating to a community at large : public; b: known to the community.”

There are many things about life in ministry that would qualify as common in the sense of this definition. There are common songs and common schedules and common events – to say nothing of common roles or jobs. And I really have heard of folks asking guests to move out of their seats because it was common knowledge, “known to the community,” that it was their spot.


I grew up in a culture in which three standard time slots every week were set aside for church. It was common – known to the entire community. Those times were guarded and held with an iron grip, many times despite the overwhelmingly obvious evidence that they were becoming utterly ineffective.

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