Just So You know

So much of the life of faith is wrestling with questions that don’t have particularly straight-forward answers.

It can be frustrating at times. I think it’s because we insist on understanding things that are utterly beyond our capacity to comprehend.

As I have been reading the last couple of days in Ezekiel, I keep seeing these pronouncements of God’s discipline upon His people Israel. They had so rebelled and so disregarded His warnings that He had to be true to His Word and follow through with the judgment He had promised. But time and again, as he explains the drastic consequences they would experience, the text says, “and they will know that I am the Lord.

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Born of Worship

I’ve been in meetings this week with representatives from hundreds of churches – new and old – from around the world. I have missed this meeting the last few years, but I am enamored with the things I see God doing among us.

Our brother that was chosen to lead this meeting has challenged us with three very simple, very powerful phrases. The first one, “Exalt in Worship,” I must confess at first seemed a little plain to me. But he pointed out that all that we ever hope to accomplish in the kingdom of God begins with acknowledging God for who He is…recognizing His worth…which is precisely the meaning of the word, “worship” – to see the worth of God.

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