Here He Is

Continuing through John’s Gospel, we see the record of John the Baptist.

John relays how John the Baptist explained his purpose in coming.

John taught us that God came into the mess of our world, the mess we made, and revealed Himself to us. That began with John the Baptist’s announcement. He said, in essence, “Here He is.”

I hope today that you can see what John was pointing out there in the wilderness, see that Jesus is the promised Messiah, God in the flesh, God in the mess.

I hope you can believe that He really was the Lamb of God sent to take away the sins of the world – that’s you and me.

I hope that you will choose to open your heart and mind to know Him, God in the Mess.

See Him. Believe Him. Know Him.

Enough, But Too Much

Life is messy.

I doubt any of us would argue against that observation. We all experience this truth in countless ways every day, in big ways and small ways and everything in between.

In this introduction to this series, “God in the Mess,” we explore a love that is Enough, But Too Much.

Did you catch that?

God loves you enough to step into your mess, but too much to leave you there.

And in the mess, you can know Him more and more.

Would you open your heart to see God in the Mess?