Better AND Worse

I had the honor of conducting another wedding ceremony on Saturday.

It was a complex and challenging weekend full of travel and ministry and family burdens and laughter and silliness and argument and loving each other when we’re not all being nice. It was a microcosm of what Alex and Anna made vows to endure and embrace together.

After all of the wedding work was done—the ceremony concluded, the license signed, the cake consumed, the cleanup complete—we did manage to go for a drive down the coast for a little bit. We had about 30 minutes to just walk on the beach.

We took a few pictures.




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The Collateral Damage of Sex

Yesterday I wrote about fire and duct tape and sex.

They are all great things in the right context, but can cause problems in the right context.

We were looking at 1 Thessalonians 4 and Paul’s instruction to “abstain sexual immorality.” As I explained yesterday, sex is something God designed to strengthen and reinforce the connection between a husband and wife and it is a beautiful, wonderful thing in that unique context. But it’s a very dangerous thing when taken out of that context.

What we don’t usually stop to think about is that sex, when taken outside of the context of a committed marriage, can cause a great deal of collateral damage.

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Happy, Happy,…CRAnniversary?

No, I have not been corporately sponsored by Ocean Spray…

Twenty-five years ago today I sealed the second best decision of my existence – to spend my life with the most amazing person I have ever known on this earth. Twenty-five years…can you even believe it?

(For those of you that are ready to scroll down through this post to see what in the world is up with the c-r in front of anniversary – just hang on a second.)

We were just kids…


And before you know it those kids were having kids and hauling kids and teaching kids and attempting to train kids.

And this week, as we pass the day of our twenty-fifth anniversary, we are once again on a new adventure with the last two kids in our home – plus almost three hundred others – in Austin, Texas, in the midst of an event called CityReach (#CRAustin – and that’s where the CR comes from).

And yes, I realize that, in one sense, it may take me a long time to make up for signing us up to be on a huge mission trip on our twenty-fifth anniversary, but I also know that it has already been an incredible experience that just may be helping to pry some doors open in our hearts and minds for the direction of our ministry into the future. God works that way sometimes.

You see, traveling the twists and turns of this life with a strange gathering of people in tow is kind of what God made us to do.


So, in a sense, bringing a group to this CRexperience may be a pretty fitting way to mark twenty-five years together…even though we’d sure like to go away for a week or two to some remote spot, but it doesn’t fit in the calendar or the budget right now…and it’s ok.

So many moments of challenge and hard choices and difficult consequences… and joy – and awful lot of joy just being together… all swirl into this one big, messy, beautiful life that God made out of two.

Could there be a more fitting way to pass this anniversary than to do it stretching our hearts and muscles and vision for the path for which God made us?

So…happy CRanniversary, Sweetie. I love you so much more than it may look right now. This is another of those amazing experiences I never would have had the courage to pursue without you by my side.

Happy, happy CRanniversary to you!

An excellent wife who can find?
She is far more precious than jewels. (Proverbs 31.10)