The Best Best Man

The Best Man… such an important role, a place of honor.

I’ve had the honor to fulfill that role three times now—and I am grateful for each. But it’s not the easiest role in a wedding. It comes with the responsibility to assist and prepare and often go before the groom to let everyone know he is coming.

Yesterday, I spoke of John the Baptist and his role as the herald for the promised Messiah. This unique man had the task to come and make the announcement that the people should have been ready to hear, “Here He is!”

As Jesus’ ministry began to pick up momentum and as people were coming to hear His message and believing in Him, they were being baptized in testimony—just like those coming to John the Baptist. As often is the case, there were religious leaders growing concerned about what they were seeing from this Jesus.

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Here He Is

Continuing through John’s Gospel, we see the record of John the Baptist.

John relays how John the Baptist explained his purpose in coming.

John taught us that God came into the mess of our world, the mess we made, and revealed Himself to us. That began with John the Baptist’s announcement. He said, in essence, “Here He is.”

I hope today that you can see what John was pointing out there in the wilderness, see that Jesus is the promised Messiah, God in the flesh, God in the mess.

I hope you can believe that He really was the Lamb of God sent to take away the sins of the world – that’s you and me.

I hope that you will choose to open your heart and mind to know Him, God in the Mess.

See Him. Believe Him. Know Him.

Big Jim’s Last Ride

This morning I set out on an adventure.

Along with a couple of men that have, as much as anyone I have ever known, demonstrated what it means to look after someone, I’m taking Big Jim for his last ride.

Big Jim…what a mess…what a headache…what a character…what a learning lab of grace.

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