Possum in a Can – Part 2

I wrote recently about the discovery of two very young oppossums that I discovered in the garbage can in my garage. (Read about it here.)

I remembered, some time after publishing that post, an item I picked up at a roadside establishment in the middle of Tennessee a few years back. It is, or at least claims to be, possum in a can.

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Possum in a Can

A couple of nights ago I couldn’t get to sleep. So I got up and decided to revisit a project I had been working on that evening. I heard something rustling around in the garage but, upon some investigation, could not tell what it was.

The next day, hoping to rectify a malfunctioning turn signal, I went out to the garage. I remembered the midnight noise and did some investigating. It seems I had left the lid open on the large trash can I keep in the garage. It was positioned right next to my new portable grill. I began to pull the trash can out of the way and was startled by a slight movement inside the can.

I’m going to go ahead and own up to the fact that there was momentary loss of constitutionary control of demeanor.

Upon closer investigation, this is what I saw:


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