The Best Best Man

The Best Man… such an important role, a place of honor.

I’ve had the honor to fulfill that role three times now—and I am grateful for each. But it’s not the easiest role in a wedding. It comes with the responsibility to assist and prepare and often go before the groom to let everyone know he is coming.

Yesterday, I spoke of John the Baptist and his role as the herald for the promised Messiah. This unique man had the task to come and make the announcement that the people should have been ready to hear, “Here He is!”

As Jesus’ ministry began to pick up momentum and as people were coming to hear His message and believing in Him, they were being baptized in testimony—just like those coming to John the Baptist. As often is the case, there were religious leaders growing concerned about what they were seeing from this Jesus.

(I encourage you to take a moment and read John 3.22-36.) Continue reading The Best Best Man

Forged In Fire

This message kicked off our journey through 1 Thessalonians that I am calling, A Real Life Faith.


(Note: The video signal was interrupted somehow so the screen goes black for the last couple of minutes, but the audio is intact.)


I encourage you to trust the Blacksmith. Consider His handiwork. And look to see who is following you.