There is a universal symbol that has become simple, common knowledge to most of us.

It’s the pause button.

It’s what you push or click to interrupt whatever is playing. It puts the music or the movie or whatever is playing on hold…

It’s not the same as stop. Stop is what you push when you are finished. Stop is what you click when you are through listening or watching.

Why am I here writing about a pause button?

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Perched upon my porch as the sun peeks over the trees this morning, the ominous prayer list before me seems to weigh fifty pounds. The contradiction of the glorious peace of the birdsongs and the gentle shaking of leaves in the wisps of breeze with the sense of chaos at the recognition of so many needs around me is…huge.

It seems like there are moments like this from time to time when I have this angst – most of it not even for myself but for those I care for and with whom I serve – that drives me to roll up my figurative sleeves and dive into the hard work of prayer. Yet, so often in these moments, when I begin to think that I simply must, I hear in my spirit that sweet, gentle whisper that I know so well.

“Be still.”

But I have all of these people I need to talk to You about.

“Be still.”

But I have to discuss these things with You if I am going to be a faithful pastor.

“Be still.”

But –

“Be still.”


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Quiet Please

You don’t have to agree with me. That’s not a condition of our friendship.

I find myself at a curious place in my life where I have more friends of different perspectives than ever before. There are a number of reasons for that, I suppose.

The older I get and the more I grow in my understanding of biblical truths, the more firmly I hold what I believe to be true. However, I also find fewer things in that category of absolutes than I ever have. I have a much broader range of things than ever before about which I have to say “I think…but I don’t KNOW.”

Regardless of the issues, I find that people on all sides of the political or social or philosophical or theological conversations in our world seem to be awfully quick to shout their convictions and woefully slow to listen to those unlike theirs. I’ve spent some time thinking about what the real problem is with them – with me – with US.

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