There was a time when the word “change” made me reach into my pocket. Now it makes me hold on to my hat.

I’ve written about the craziness of the season of family life that we are in. Today is another one of those days of change amidst a season of change.

Our world-changers are returning today from almost a year spent in Honduras. That’s exciting…and difficult. But God is continuing to grow them and teach them and use them for His glory.

My one and only SweetPea is about to move from undergrad to grad school. It’s exciting, except for the loading stuff in a trailer and hauling it around part. But I’m dad and it’s what I do.

My Army man is in the process of being transformed from a boy to a soldier in one of the most intense seasons of change he will likely ever experience. All I can do is pray hard and write letters…both of which I am diligently doing.

I’ve had another anniversary and another birthday this month. I’ve been wrestling with the richness and majesty of our great salvation in my current theology class. I am in the process of being stretched in my ministry life in ways that I have never yet experienced.

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Have Your Way

Sometimes I find myself unsure of how to proceed. And sometimes, when I find myself in such a spot, it seems I don’t even know what questions to ask.

Part of my problem is that I so often see a problem or a challenge or a situation and I spend a lot of energy, time, and thought trying to present a solution to God and ask His blessing upon it. And, in His grace and kindness, sometimes He even blesses that ridiculous notion – kind of like the little kid whose daddy lifted him high in the air thinks he really dunked the basketball.

But then there are times when it seems like every turn of the maze is a dead end.

Frustrated and exhausted and utterly discouraged, I finally stop and look up.

Some friends of mine and I are at one of those places. And, as God often does, it seems He has put a song in my heart and mind this morning. Would you take just a couple of minutes to consider this simple, beautiful, prayerful hymn?

How profoundly simple it seems, “Have Your way, Lord, have Your way.”
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It’s easy to find yourself sinking – about to drown in the crashing waves of challenges and struggles and fears. And that sinking feeling most always evokes panic.

We all know that rocks don’t float. But one time there was a stone that walked on water.

His name was Peter (which, in it’s Greek roots, is a stone). And he takes a lot of flack for a situation into which most of us don’t have the faith fo put ourselves.

It was a rough night on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus had sent his disciples on across the Sea and told them He would catch up. As they were rowing hard in the rough waters, they saw Jesus walking toward them on the water. They were understandably freaked out and thought it had to be a ghost.

Once Jesus had identified Himself, Peter made a bold request as he asked Jesus to let him walk out to meet Him on the water. Jesus simply said, “Come.” And there he went – stepping out of the boat to walk on the water toward Jesus. He was focused on Jesus and – for just a little bit – he was doing what no one else but Jesus has ever done.

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