When the Stones Dropped

Imagine being caught in the most embarrassing situation you can think of… at your most shameful moment.

Imagine that the ones who caught you in this compromising position were the leaders of the local religious institution, the ones known for their flowery prayers and fine speeches and in-depth Sunday School lessons.

Imagine being dragged by your arm or your hair through the streets in whatever remnants of clothing you had about you when you were caught. Feel the disdainful stares of the women in the streets and the creepy eyes of the men taking note of every detail they could soak into their memory of your compromised state of appearance.

Think of the cold stares and snidely condemning words from the men who accompanied you on this journey and the way they sized you up when they found the perfect stone along the street. Picture what it might have been like to come around the corner into the courtyard outside the temple where this young teacher that was gaining so much attention happened to be.

This is the real life experience of a woman that remains unnamed in John’s gospel record as she was caught in the act of adultery.

Take a moment to read it in John 8.1-11. Continue reading When the Stones Dropped

The Mess of Sin

There are some questions that are hard to answer. But one I have heard a number of times is this:  if God is so good and we are so evil, why would he come here?

I believe the long and short of it is that He came here to show us grace.

In this message, we look at the account of the Samaritan Woman at the Well.

[Take a moment and read this text – John 4.1-42]

I hope you’ll take the time to give this message a listen.

See Him.

Believe Him.

Know Him.