Yet Unfinished (Reprise)

This faith of ours…

It’s an ongoing work, always moving forward or falling back.

It has been a long wrangling in my spirit to come at last to the recognition that my faith is simply not yet finished.

Indeed, in this life, it is not and will not be finished. But that day will come.

As he recaps the scope of his letter, Paul declares his desire for his pupils:

“Now may the God of peace himself sanctify you completely,” (1 Thess 5.23a)

Do you see that?

He prays that God will do this work of renewal, he calls it “sanctification,” and do so “completely.”

As he challenged us in chapter 4 to give ourselves over to this sanctifying work, we know that if we are still here, if we remain in this life, his work in us is ongoing.

He will do it. We must yield to it.

We do so because we want to be with him, to be known by him, to know him.

So today, would you pause to remember with me this truth?

A real life faith is yet unfinished.

Father, remind me, convince me, and grant me the grace to embrace that my faith is yet unfinished.

Yet Unfinished

As we continue in 1 Thessalonians, we see that Paul has spent the first three chapters celebrating and encouraging them in their faith. If you and I have the same kind of faith – a faith that endures together, that presses on – shouldn’t we be ok just to hold on? Do we really need to go further in that faith?

We’ll look at Paul’s answer to that question here in 1 Thessalonians 4.1-3a.

Will you take one of these next steps today?

Father, show us the way to lean in to your transforming work because recognize that our Real Life Faith is Yet Unfinished.