My Best Teacher

Just over 22 years ago I became a father.

As I have written over the last several days, being a dad has been a laboratory in which God has taught me so much about His love for me and my relationship with Him.

One part of being a father that I have not yet touched upon has been the front row seat I have had for the most amazing mother I have ever seen.

My wife is a great wife – but that’s for another day. She is a world-class mom. The ways God has taught me about Himself by watching her be a mom have been amazing… and difficult… and priceless.

I have seen the way she has taught our kids, affirming the right things, correcting the wrong things, always pushing for more because they are capable of it. I have seen the way she somehow knew what they needed and what they wanted – and the way she somehow managed to get those things to be a lot closer together than it seemed to me.

In recent days, as I have seen her wrestle with the growing pains of a family that’s growing up, I have seen her heart break when she couldn’t get all of her chicks in the nest at once. But I have seen the incredible joy that overflows her heart when all of her kids gather around her table and she gets to feed them and care for them and laugh with them and just be with them.

This just might be the sweetest lesson I have learned – and the reason I am most excited about this Father’s Day. I get to watch my love revel in the joy of having (almost) all of her kids together.

But we begin our Father’s Day celebration by gathering in our Father’s house for worship – to sit at His table and laugh and sing and feast upon His Word together. And I think I’m beginning to understand, maybe for the first time in my life, what it means to Him.

For this and all of the incredible lessons, I have to say to my best friend, my partner, my lover, my life – my beautiful wife – thank you.

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