The Servants of the Secret Fire

Remember the song we sang so often as kids, “This Little Light of Mine?”

Yeah, it was funny and simple and memorable. We sang it and did the motions and all of that stuff. But I think we miss the simple power of it.

You see, like many of you, I have been through a few of those valleys where the fire of faith in me had faded and, like a coal pulled out of the fireplace, had begun to cool and gray – losing the glow, ebbing in heat. If you’ve been there, then you know that feeling of somehow knowing, but questioning at the same time.

In those seasons of struggle, there is need for someone to come alongside and, by proximity and persistence, slowly stir the flame again. Andrew Peterson, in this beautiful song called “Shine Your Light On Me,” calls them the Servants of the Secret Fire. As I hope you will give it a listen, please consider who those servants of the Secret Fire¬†might be in your life.

There are faces that come to mind as I think about those words – the servants of the Secret Fire. There’s the brother who drove 14 hours to be there when I needed him to help me. There are the friends that sat there in the floor with me as I wept over some of the most heart-breaking circumstances of my life. There are the ones who to this day come running without hesitation if they think I need them – all servants of that same Secret Fire.

They have taught me to be that in return. The servants of the Secret Fire are those who will bring the fire to you when you can’t bring yourself back to the fire. They’re the ones who carried the sick man to Jesus and lowered him through the roof. They’re the ones that go to great lengths to be near you when your flame of faith is flickering and fading.

The wisest of men, King Solomon, gave us some sage advice in the book of Ecclesiastes:

“Again, if two lie together, they keep warm, but how can one keep warm alone?”

Ecclesiastes 4.11

To all of you that have helped fan the flame in me, I thank you for truly being the servants of the Secret Fire.

Who are those servants and how have they fanned your flame of faith back into a blaze?

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