Have Your Way

Sometimes I find myself unsure of how to proceed. And sometimes, when I find myself in such a spot, it seems I don’t even know what questions to ask.

Part of my problem is that I so often see a problem or a challenge or a situation and I spend a lot of energy, time, and thought trying to present a solution to God and ask His blessing upon it. And, in His grace and kindness, sometimes He even blesses that ridiculous notion – kind of like the little kid whose daddy lifted him high in the air thinks he really dunked the basketball.

But then there are times when it seems like every turn of the maze is a dead end.

Frustrated and exhausted and utterly discouraged, I finally stop and look up.

Some friends of mine and I are at one of those places. And, as God often does, it seems He has put a song in my heart and mind this morning. Would you take just a couple of minutes to consider this simple, beautiful, prayerful hymn?

How profoundly simple it seems, “Have Your way, Lord, have Your way.”

There is something about surrendering the decision-making and the idea-forming and the direction-setting in our lives that seems so desperate, but is really so very simple… and right.

I have also been reflecting upon the prayer of Jehoshaphat in when faced with three enemy armies allied together to come and crush the people of Judah:

“We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on You.”

2 Chronicles 20.12

What an honest, humble prayer for a king. Instead of assembling the military strategists, he acknowledged that they were God’s people and they needed His deliverance and not their own plan.

God gave them a plan. God delivered them mightily and not one man of Judah was killed as two of those three armies ganged up on the third and then killed each other – the extent that there was not a single man left standing and not one escaped. When the people of Judah arrived, it took them three days to gather all of the spoils of war from that grisly battlefield.

But first, they prayed. They asked God to show them what to do. They acknowledged that they were indeed His and, in order for them to survive, He would have to do something. And there, when it was clear that it wasn’t them, but God, He did something amazing.

We need to see God do something amazing in such a way that everyone around will know that it was God and not us.

Father, in every possible way, have Your way.

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