Forever Like That


It’s one of those words that we see a lot in love songs that is kind of silly, isn’t it? I’m not saying we don’t mean it when we use that word or that it’s somehow disingenuous. I just mean that the promises we make of forever are at least mostly beyond our ability to keep in our strength.

But we make vows and promises with the noblest of intentions and the most eager desire to keep them. And we write love songs about climbing the highest mountains or swimming the deepest oceans or other things that are not really feasible. What do we mean? We mean that we’ll attempt the impossible fueled by the depth of our love.

But the reality is that most of us make these vows and sing these songs about all of the great and heroic lengths to which we will gladly go to prove our love. And yet, if we look at what really happens, we routinely fail to do the little things—the inconvenient chores and small demonstrations that live out the truth of our love in everyday ways.

I’m all about these grand overstatements of love’s intention, but so often I won’t get off my backside and empty the dishwasher or fold the laundry or fix the thing that my wife has asked me to fix or clean up the mess that I made. I write of my devotion and yet the daily observables so often make those words seem at best insincere and at worst… well, you know.

As I’ve spent a little time listening and reflecting upon Ben Rector’s great song, “Forever Like That,” I find my heart filled with this strange mixture of feelings. I have so much regret for so many moments wasted when I could have done the simple, observable, meaningful things that shout my love for her. Yet I have this huge desire to do more and show more clearly and… just be better because she deserves it.

But the words of this chorus ring so deeply with me:

Well, I wanna love you forever, I do
I wanna spend all of my days with you
I'll carry your burden and be the wind at your back
I wanna spend my forever
Forever like that

Yep, me too, Ben.

I want to be that kind of man for this woman to whom I’ve pledged my life. I want to do all that I can to make her life easier—to carry the heavy stuff that I can carry for her and to be the encouragement in whatever way I possibly can and to keep on doing that indeed forever.

I guess that’s part of why I have such a soft spot for love songs. My follow-throughs don’t often match my grand dreams, but I still want to. I want to be that man. And I want to keep being that man that loves this woman so well.

So I’ll keep trying to love her forever like that.

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