Part 1

Definition for Servant Leadership

“The student models servant leadership and equips others in a God-given direction through Christlike character, leadership capability, and love.”

Servant Leadership Goal #1

Servant Leadership Goal #2

Part II

Overall Reflection Statement for Servant Leadership

For my competence in servant leadership, I intend to submit the following type of artifacts which will demonstrate what I have learned, experienced, and accomplished toward these goals. (100 words)

Artifacts With Descriptions

1. Annotated Team Reports – these regular reports will give evidence of the functioning of the various ministry teams.

2. Summary of the journey and findings regarding the deacon ministry team and the mission statement we are able to produce and implement.

3. A possible video interview with the deacon ministry team to glean their perspective on the effectiveness of the team as it begins to gain some operational traction.

Learning Reflection

As I develop and demonstrate servant leadership, I will reflect on what I learn. (100 words)

Lifelong Development Statement

As a result of the experiences documented by these artifacts, I will relay my intentions to continue to develop in servant leadership and how I plan to do so. (100 words)