Servant Leadership Emphasis

Part 1

Definition for Servant Leadership

“The student models servant leadership and equips others in a God-given direction through Christlike character, leadership capability, and love.”

Servant Leadership Goal #1

Servant Leadership Goal #2

Part II

Overall Reflection Statement for Servant Leadership

For my competence in servant leadership, I intend to submit the following type of artifacts which will demonstrate what I have learned, experienced, and accomplished toward these goals. (100 words)

Artifacts With Descriptions

Annotated Team Reports – these regular reports give evidence of the functioning of the various ministry teams. The big picture plan for development of a stronger, more widespread team ministry model is outlined in my final research project.

Please consider this short video explanation regarding the challenge of the deacon ministry transition in particular.

Learning Reflection

In the course of my educational journey, I have learned a number of important things. The most significant is probably the fact that everything gets clearer when you know who you are. Once our fellowship identified the core values and mission statement that articulate our personality, so very many decisions became quite clear. So many good things are easily cast aside when they don’t fit who we believe we are called to be. The short version for us is that grace is what we are about and family is how we go about it. The mechanics of change become much more clear when we consider what works best for a family. The inevitable missteps become much less traumatic when we consider the overarching lens of grace. Surely knowing who we are clarifies what to do (and many things not to do) at each step of the journey.

Lifelong Development Statement

The ongoing servant leadership growth is, I believe, centered in the team ministry model that has been increasing over the last few years. I plan to continue to develop the leadership culture that will allow the team ministry culture to thrive. This will be seen in consistent team functioning and reporting, team leader effectiveness and communication, and a steadily-growing lay ministry culture that is able to grow without major structural reworking. I believe that this culture will grow from the center outward (as opposed to a top-down concept). This reflects the family-driven culture of the church and will, I believe, lead to a strong and functional church that does not need a large staff to operate. Ultimately this is what I believe God is leading us toward.

The Good Parts

Is it possible that the good parts are really the difficult places in life that shape our stories and give depth and gravity to the peaceful moments?

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Close the Gap

Every day we come across more and more evidence that things are not the way they are supposed to be. What can we do about it?

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Excruciating Love

Jesus stepped down into our mess and took our guilt and agony upon Himself so that I could have a better life… forever. We tried to do the same for two little lives that I still expect to see every time I look out the window at the swings shaken only by the breeze.

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I Choose You

If you have made one of those lifetime promises (that we usually call wedding vows), go back and listen to this great song again. What does choosing your partner look like today?

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Take The World

I’m enamored with the intimate stylings of Johnnyswim. In case you’re not acquainted, this is a husband and wife duo that makes some really great music together (and some absolutely beautiful children). Their song, “Take The World,” is a breath of courage to me in a season of weariness and desire to keep growing in my marriage.

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Like We Do

I don’t expect anyone to pattern their marriage after mine or compare theirs with ours. We have our own unique way of doing “I do” together. I’m not suggesting ours is better. I’m just saying it is ours… and it’s a work in progress, a relationship still growing, refining, reforming.

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Higher And Higher

My beloved has a way of encouraging me, helping me, motivating me to reach for more. Just like Jack Nicholson’s neurotic character blurted out in the romantic comedy, As Good As It Gets, “You make me want to be a better man!”

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