Who Came Up With All of This Sex Talk?

[This follows up on the last two posts – “Fire and Duct Tape and Sex” and “The Collateral Damage of Sex”]

Until this week, I had never used the tag “sex” for a post in the several years that I have been (sporadically) blogging.

Why now?

Why do I feel compelled to dig into such a touchy, controversial subject right now?

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But I Do Speak Jesus

I’ve come to the end of my sixth day in Honduras. I’m not really any less awkward than when I got here at attempting to communicate, but what can I say? Yo MUCHO GRINGO?

Tonight we attended a worship service at a local evangelical church here in Santa Rosa. There was absolutely no English spoken by the worship leaders, pastor, or those voicing prayers.

And it was incredibly and disarmingly moving to me.

I’ve always be an advocate for the amazing power of music to cross cultural and language barriers, so to experience it here was tremendous. Honestly, I could have sat and just listened to the young lady that was leading the music without understanding a word she said. It was beautiful.

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